It’s a Great Deal, All Three of Me Think So

20130410_133049Well I guess you have been wondering where I have been lately loyal blog readers. I have actually taken my ramblings to the big show. Over the last year some really awesome things have been happening.

I took many of my thoughts about business and the art of selling and made the commitment to combine them into a book format. I was lucky enough to be accepted by an international publisher and It’s a Great Deal, All Three of Me Think So has now gone to print and was recently released.

You can obtain a copy by contacting me, or you can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or directly from the publisher at

You can also now find me once a month with a featured column in the Monday Workplace editions of both the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press.

I never initially perceived myself as an author and started to do it as an offshoot to my profession as a coach. However, I have now developed a passion for it. So much so, that I am now in the process of editing my next book.

If you have enjoyed my blog, I hope you will consider picking up a copy of my book. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Thanks for all of your support!


About Bruce Rosenblat

Bruce is currently president, partner, and a senior coach at globally renowned PAAR and Company, a High Impact Executive Coaching Firm located in Farmiington Hills, Michigan where he specializes in helping others attain unprecedented futures. After a 30 year run in the mortgage industry Bruce sold his company, North Star Home Lending, Michigan's largest independantly owned relationship based mortgage lender to Bingham Farms, Michigan based Main Street Bank where he also serves as EVP-CMO. Bruce was also an inugural appointee to Michigan's Mortgage Industry Advisory Board. He has a 30 year history of coaching and mentoring sales people to perform at an optimum level.

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