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It’s a Great Deal, All Three of Me Think So

20130410_133049Well I guess you have been wondering where I have been lately loyal blog readers. I have actually taken my ramblings to the big show. Over the last year some really awesome things have been happening.

I took many of my thoughts about business and the art of selling and made the commitment to combine them into a book format. I was lucky enough to be accepted by an international publisher and It’s a Great Deal, All Three of Me Think So has now gone to print and was recently released.

You can obtain a copy by contacting me, or you can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or directly from the publisher at

You can also now find me once a month with a featured column in the Monday Workplace editions of both the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press.

I never initially perceived myself as an author and started to do it as an offshoot to my profession as a coach. However, I have now developed a passion for it. So much so, that I am now in the process of editing my next book.

If you have enjoyed my blog, I hope you will consider picking up a copy of my book. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Thanks for all of your support!